Bye Bye drinking


Here stands an empty bottle of Peroni, but this is a special bottle as it’s my last one, not for good, but until I complete a 10k event.

I’ve got two in mind, one is my local running clubs Summer 10k event in June and then the British 10k in July. To be honest I don’t drink masses anyway but I’m looking forward to being disciplined about it. I really want to get all of my nagging little Injuries out the way and just start running again. It’s coming up to a year since I damaged my knee and although I have managed some running this year I’ve still had to hold back.

Training starts again on Tuesday and I can’t wait, I’ve got some reviews coming up for Runtastic Pro and Zombies! Run which I’m looking forward to sharing.

What sort of thing did you have to give up to help you back on the road to fitness?

Maybe next year…

I’ve just seen Mo Farah finish his debut London Marathon, it was a shame he didn’t get the British record but it’s still an awesome achievement, hopefully I’ll be competing in the same event as him next year.

I didn’t get a place this year (obviously) but I’ll make sure to get in the ballot for 2015 and we’ll see how it goes. First things first I need to get my basic fitness back, my shin is on the mend and I plan to start running again in May.

During the next few weeks I’ll be doing loads of gym work, concentrating on all the exercises that are best for runners, I’ll blog my progress as I go along.

Getting fit with gadgets?

It’s been great writing for Midlifegamer, it’s much more relaxed and feels much less like a second job.

I’m just finishing my review of Broken Sword 5 Episode 1 before starting on a journey of getting fit and losing some weight.

Work.Sweat.Game will see me trying out various fitness apps and equipment on my road back to recovery from last years knee injury. Hopefully this will help me to finish the British 10k, check out my Introduction here.

Share my runs – South Bank Loop

I found a nifty liitle WordPress plugin which lets me display where I run so I thought I would test it out for a bit.

I’m slowly increasing my distance and this was my first 2-miler for a while, I ended up running with a anohter bloke who was running at a pace that was comfortable for me, but he ended up running by the London Eye which is madness when the weather is nice, I stupidly thought it might be alright but it was the worst I’ve seen; there was plenty of dodging school children and buggies but eventually I meade through before looping back towards work.

My shin was quite sore afterwards but I’m putting down to the forefoot running, I’m thinking of packing it in to be honest and go back to heel striking for a bit.

Learning my lesson

I remember my 1st 10k so well, it was in Richmond Park in 2003 for one of Nike’s first Run London events. I don’t really remember why I decided to sign up though, I had never run that far in my life and didn’t even enjoy any sort of distance running!

I got a cool Paula Radcliffe T-Shirt for the race and didn’t really train for it either, I completed the race in 1:02 and was really surprised with myself, age was clearly on my side but then I cocky. I entered and got a place in the Great North Rum the next year and although I did some training I just presumed I’d be ok, I wasn’t.

I took me well over three hours to finish and it really put me off for a few years, I realise how silly I was in not training and whenever I get too confident in my training I remember that race and give myself a reality check.

I’ve learnt loads over the past two years despite my injuries and I’m still learning every day, I know the difference between hurting when I’m training hard and when my body is just hurting, I’ve learnt that stopping for a minute mid run isn’t the end if the world and most importantly not getting to far ahead of myself in training.

What running lessons have you learnt in the past?

On the up

When I first started to write this post it was going to be quite negative; I had hadn’t run for a couple of weeks, my shin was still causing grief and was generally feeling a bit down about my running. My GP had given me some anti-inflammatories and they didn’t seem to be making a difference.

At the same time a friend was going to be selling me a snazzy Nike+ GPS sportswatch but that fell through, which gave me the chance to look at some other options. Everyone raves at the Garmin range so I began to look at those. Ultimately I wanted the Garmin 220 but at the moment it was just too expensive, even more so while I’m struggling with little injuries, so instead I started to look at the Forerunner 10, the reviews were looking so I went for it. Amazon offered me another trial of Prime and so it was in my mitts the very next day.

Of course I had to test it out so I charged it, updated to firmware and hit the streets for our local 2.5km bridge run at work. It took a few minutes to get a signal but worked perfectly during my run. Most importantly the leg pain had reduced pretty significantly so at least I appear to be on the mend. I’ll write a more detailed review on the watch after a few more goes but so far I’m really impressed.

I now need to decide which running tracker is the best, Garmin Connect seems pretty good and is due to be upgraded, but there are so many to choose from, what do you use and why?

9 weeks in

I haven’t blogged properly in a while got a number of reasons, mostly because I’ve been so busy with work and the family. One thing I have been able to do though is play lots of the Titanfall Beta and getting out to do some running.

Titanfall is just a couple of weeks away and there is no doubt that this is the game I’ll be playing for quite some time. There is a write up from me that is due to go up on Midlife Gamer soon so I’ll put a link up once that is live.

As for my running, so far so good! I logged another 36km in February on top of 38km from January, I also managed two runs hitting 7 and 9km. They were much slower than I am used to but good training anyway. It’s great being able to run along the River Thames up to Battersea Park each day, makes my training much easier. Hopefully I’ll be able to log a couple of 10k’s in March, in preparation for a proper event.

My knee appears to be holding out nicely, I’ve had a bit of a trapped nerve in my shin but thanks to the awesome @ukrunchat community, they have recommended some deep tissue massage to help. Also, spending some time with a foam roller seems to be another painful way of making things better. I’ve been using the Nike+ GPS app to log my runs and on the iPhone 5s its a much improved expereice. As of next Monday I officially start half-marathon training again!


So far, so good

I’m entering my fourth week of running and so far so good. I’ve managed about 30km this month which has been mostly on the treadmill but I have managed a couple of road runs too, there appears to be no problems with my knee which is great and I’ll be happier once I have a few more road runs completed.

I’ve been really disciplined with my running, not going any further than 5km yet despite feeling like I could run for longer, I’ll keep building up slowly and hopefully I’ll manage a 10km at the end of February. I’ve definitely got the running bug back and it’s nice to be able to plan new routes and get over excited about new pairs of running trainers I don’t need!

A gang of us are heading to Battersea Park this week to go and use the running track there. We all use the Nike+ sensor and it’s a good excuse to go an calibrate the over an accurate distance. It’s about 2.5km from work so it will be lots of little runs that day.

In terms of events I have got any planned just yet as I don’t want to jinx anything, but I may go for the British 10k so I can run for Special Effect, it’s not until July so there is plenty of time.