To look at me you wouldn’t know, but I suffer from an eye condition that’s stops me doing a lot more than you think.

I suffer from a condition called Nystagmus, which is a continuous, uncontrolled to and fro movement of the eyes – which basically means I can’t see very well. I am one of the lucky ones though as there are people who suffer a lot worse than me, I can technically register as disabled but always chose not too as I know there are people who suffer much worse than me.

The biggest downside of having Nystagmus is not being allowed to drive, take this Snellen Chart for example, if I remember correctly you have to be able to see below the green line to pass the visual test when learning to drive., I can only get to the 5th line and then it all becomes a blur!


I’d love to ride a bike to work but until things get a lot safer in London I’ll have to give it a miss, one day this might change though.

I can see most things clearly, but I just struggle with detail, nights can be a pain when there are lots of car headlights around too. Sometimes you’ll see me with my iPhone way to close to my face and some time my head tilts slightly to counter the wobble of my eyes, I have no idea I’m doing it, in fact when my head is straight I struggle to focus, difficult for passport photos.

I love going to watch football, just don’t ask me which player is which! Obviously knowing about players positions makes things easier but it’s still frustrating.

Some of my gaming friends will be thinking “I wouldn’t have known, you are so good at games” which would be fair, but I’m practically sat under the TV when I play so being good comes at price!

The one thing that isn’t hindered by my eyes is running, it’s just my knee stopping that at the moment! I can play sports without any problems too, in fact when I was younger I played on goal, judging the speed of the ball was difficult but I was determined not to let my eyes get in the way and got really good before losing interest.

Anyway, there you go Nystagmus, not great, but I’m one of the lucky ones! Feel free to ask any questions below!

2 thoughts on “Nystagmus”

    1. Thanks Kev,

      There is no treatment, even glasses have little affect on my vision. It shouldn’t get worse but it won’t get better either, think there is a bit more hope for younger people with it!

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