The Christmas ‘Run’ in

As Christmas approaches so do those cold, cold mornings. Thankfully I much prefer running in colder conditions than warmer ones so I really have no excuse. I had a blip in my training as my shin just became too painful to run on so I stopped and spent time in the gym cross training instead, I also managed to bad myself a chest infection which looking back on it was timed perfectly as I couldn’t do too much exercise anyway. I only really started to feel better yesterday so decided to hit the road with a 3 miler. I surprised myself as my fitness was actually still there and there were no niggles either!

I’m trying really hard to improve my running form, avoiding the heel striking and also trying to keep my calf muscles from being too tight so extra stretching and foam rolling is happening to help that. I’m having to do extra work on my hamstrings too, I spent some time at the physio whilst I wasn’t running to see how my knee was progressing. It felt a lot stronger but on my 6 miler it was getting irritated. Thankfully my ACL injury has completed cleared up but I need to do more work on my hamstring strength to stop my other issue.

I’ve also managed to lose a stone in weight too, down from 12st 4lb to 11st 4lb, which I’m really pleased with, the less I have to drag round London with me the better! I’m planning to enjoy Christmas but I’ve promised myself not to overdo it, and besides I’ll be wanting to run lots too.

Training Plans

The big dilemma for me is which training plan to start on in January. Even though its my first marathon my training so far has been mostly quite good, so I’m leaning towards the Intermediate plan. I’m sticking with the standard London Marathon plan as I imagine its pretty tired and tested but I’d love to hear about the plans people are using to get them through to April.


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