I’m still going!

Despite not having time to write about it, I am still training, it’s not all been plain sailing, I’ve had a chest infection to overcome which has really knocked my ability to get my breathing right but it is getting better at least.

I’ve stuck to my plan like I promised myself, this weekend is a big milestone for me, double figure mileage, my Long Slow Run (#LSR) is 10 miles, if all goes to plan that’s about 100 mins of running. The most I will run as part of my training is 22 miles, so I’m not even at the halfway stage, but I’m taking things one step at a time.

My weekend training takes place in Kent which is nice as I have lots of different parks to go to, the only trouble is the amount of steep hills, I just can’t escape them! I know it makes a difference once I hit the flat streets in London, but it’s tough going when you are trying to build up your mileage.

Anyway, fingers crossed for the weekend!


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