Ah running, I forgot about you.

I’m a seasonal runner, I accept that, I prefer to lace up and get out for a run for two thirds of the year and I tend to take the rest off.

This year has been a weird one, a year ago I was talking about how I managed to get a place in the London Marathon, the fear about training and how my knees were going to hold up. I knuckled down and got on with my training, it was hard, but fun and I finished my first Mararthon.

Then came the summer months, I don’t like running in the heat, I also didn’t like running at that point. I had run more than I ever had and was a bit burnt out. I finished the British 10k and then barely ran again.

I’d completely forgotten about the London Marathon ballot until a few days before the results were due, I was excited and nervous. I really¬†wanted another go at it but it wasn’t to be. I had also forgotten that I had won a place in the Oxford Half Marathon. I had really done any training but it was a chance to represent Special Effect (they had just made me an Ambassador, but that’s another story).

Despite only reaching 6 miles in training I managed to finish in 2:20, I set a target of 2:10 so I was quite pleased with that. A few days later, I secured a place in the Brighton Marathon. So the training begins again soon.

Hello running, I’m back.

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