About Dave

Hello! I’m Dave, I’m a 30 year old father of 2 boys. Max is 5 and Sam is 2, I’m married to the Wonderful Amanda.

This blog has had many disguises over the years, first it was just my blog, rambling on about London, The Underground, football and photography. I then began to focus on writing games reviews, then the site died a death as I began to write for a games site which was great.

That all came to an end in Novemeber 2013, I spent more time writing on this site, before getting the chance to take over thisisxbox.com with my of my best mates.

All my personal site has gotten less love I still get to write about my running. Somehow I managed to get a place in the 2015 London Marathon, so if you are interested you can watch my progress. Feel free to say hi in the comments, it would be great to chat!

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