British 10k 2011


This day was hard to forget! I’d met SpecialEffect at Eurogamer in September 2010 and after seeing the amazing things they could do I knew I just had to help in whatever way I could, so I agreed to take part in the British 10k.

A big group if us had decided to run as video game characters for a bit of fun, I had no idea who I was going to go as until someone at SEGA suggested I go as Sonic the Hedgehog and that they could lend me an outfit, I had to say yes but what came next was a surprise to me, a huge polystyrene head!

When it arrived at work it caused quite a stir so naturally I put it on and went for a walkabout to gather some sponsorship, it worked as I got what I needed in that afternoon! The trouble with the outfit was trying to find a way to keep it securely on my head as I ran, there wasn’t much in terms of viewing range once you had it on. In the end I padded it out with bubble wrap, the next issue was running with all this on in the middle of July, thankfully it wasn’t too hot in the end but I had plenty of water on me.

The day of the race came and unsurprisingly my outfit got lots of attention, I was really nervous But once I got going it was fine, I somehow completed it in 1:18 and was glad to take the outfit off! Sonic now has a home with Special Effect and turns up for charity events.

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