The Colour Run 2014

Just before I set off for a family holiday to Whitby with the Family I replied to a tweet from New Balance UK about which songs made you run happy. I ended up choosing Happy by Pharell Williams and later that day I ended up winning two tickets to the Dulux Colour Run!


Billed as the happiest 5K it was clear to see why, you only have to take a look at the pictures below! I took my little sister who isn’t a runner, but we got round in just under 38 mins. The race was more like 4k but it really didn’t matter as it was such a fun thing to take part in.

The start was quite frustrating as took nearly an hour to get lot the front of the queue, next year I’ll be arriving a lot earlier to be closer to front. It didn’t help that someone had managed to vomit right in the middle of a huge group, especially in the heat!


I had my phone protected in my running armband and you really need to wear sunglasses, running through the different colour zones is brilliant but you will swallow paint if you have your mouth open! There are no areas to for bag storage so I took a drawstring bag with me to keep everything safe. The zones about 1km apart and you could hear the noise as you approached each one, the volunteers were really enthusiastic which really added to the atmosphere.

photo 5

At the of the race you were given a bottle of water and a colour pack to explode over people during the music event taking place in the finishing area, again the atmosphere was buzzing and it looked awesome, it was nice to see people of all ages taking part and I fully recommend getting a big team of people to take part in 2015.

Big thanks to New Balance UK for the prize!

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