Oxford Half Marathon 2015

Earlier this year I won a place at the Oxford Half Marathon – I was especially pleased because it was so close to the Charity I support, Special Effect.

Unfortunately, it came around when I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to train – I managed to get to 6 miles before the day. I was on the first train from East Croydon Station, then on an early Oxford Tube, arriving in good time.

I found some other runners raising money for Special Effect and decided to head for the 2:10 pace pen. The first 6 miles were fine, but I was tired. About 8 miles I put foot in a crack in the road, I didn’t fall but it bloody hurt. 

I lost my fellow runner, Mark for the next three miles as I was really suffering and eventually caught him at 11.5 miles, at this point he was really suffering, but between us we soldiered on to finsih in 2:20.

Considering my lack of training I was pretty pleased to get through it and actually felt fine the next day!


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